Wedding Planning Checklist

how to plan a wedding

One Week Before

❑ Make sure all wedding attire fits. ABW Tip: Be sure all groomsmen try on their entire tuxedo (shoes, shirts – everything!) when picking up rentals.

❑ Reconfirm your honeymoon reservations. Ensure you have any necessary plane tickets, passports, travelers checks, etc. Pack for the honeymoon.

❑ Review and confirm details, including arrival times on the day of the wedding, with all vendors (or ensure your coordinator will do so).

❑ Give a final head count to the caterer. Confirm if you will need any children’s meals.

❑ Finalize and confirm your rehearsal dinner and bridesmaids luncheon arrangements or other plans.

One Day Before

❑ If you plan on having your nails or any spa treatments, have them done the week or day before the wedding, as it is not likely there will be time for such services on the day of your wedding.

❑ Review and rehearse all the details of your wedding with immediate family and attendants. ABW Tip: Limit the people attending the rehearsal to those who are in the wedding to streamline the process.

❑ Relax and enjoy your time with your friends and family. Head to bed early.

The Big Day

❑ Be sure you AND your attendants eat properly (protein, carbohydrates and a little sugar; limit alcohol, LOTS of water) throughout the day.

❑ Follow the timeline as established by your coordinator.

❑ Enjoy your wonderful wedding and cherish each and every moment!