Celebrity Engagement Rings


Is there anything that society is more obsessed with then the engagement ring of a celebrity? The first question when interviewing the newly engaged is “Can I see the ring?” It is the glitter, the size, the price, and the star quality that we all love and soak in. It gives the fans a chance to see the intimate details of their life while secretly looking at what the man can afford to buy. We forget sometimes that the engagement ring is not a Hollywood prop, but an expression of love.

There is a lot of variation among celebrity engagement rings. They can be small but have a rare stone, they can be a large typical diamond, or they can be something that is custom made and unique. Usually with celebrity engagements, the larger the star is, the larger the carat size is, so most likely the woman will be wearing a very large ring. Here are some notable celebrity engagement rings that have been photographed and talked about frequently:

* Elizabeth Taylor – Michael Todd, her 3rd husband, gave her an emerald cut diamond that was almost 30 carats.

* Princess Diana – Prince Charles gave her an 18 carat deep blue oval sapphire with a circle of 14 diamonds when he promised to love her forever.

* Catherine Zeta-Jones – Michael Douglas sealed the deal with a 10 carat antique horizontal set of marquise diamonds.

* Paris Hilton – When Paris Latsis asked her to marry him, he obviously had something big in mind. He gave her a 24 carat ring that recently was sold for $4.7 million dollars after they broke it off.

* Katie Holmes – Tom went considerably smaller when he gave her a 5 carat ring in a classic oval shape with a pave setting.

As the celebrities get bigger so do the rings. Celebrities of past times had very modest 3 carat rings which were then considered to be huge and unattainable by most at that time. Jackie Kennedy was one of the most prominent women in past times and she was only given a modest 3 carat emerald set with 3 additional carats of diamond accents by her wealthy husband-to-be John Kennedy. It is almost small compared to today’s standards. Joe DiMaggio, another well off very popular celebrity of his time, only gave Marilyn Monroe a platinum eternity band with 36 small baguette diamonds. Again it is nothing like today’s standards, but it is equally as beautiful.

One of the most replicated celebrity engagement rings is Jennifer Lopez’s 6 carat radiant shaped pink diamond. This was a rare and very expensive diamond that caught the attention of the media and fans very quickly.

It was purchased for $1.2 million dollars by Ben Affleck. Obviously the marriage never happened, but it sure did wonders for the pink diamond jewelers. For a moderate place you can purchase a replica which is no less stunning then the real one.

Chances are, if you are not a celebrity or have a celebrity boyfriend, you are not going to be wearing a 10 carat diamond anytime soon. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t love the ring you have. It should always be more about the man then the ring.