5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Groomsmen

groomsmen superman cartoon

An infinite number of details go into planning a wedding outside of the flowers, the dress and whether to have chicken or fish. It is customary for the groom to give his groomsmen a gift. Today, many grooms are interested in giving more thoughtful gifts to their friends, rather than a set of cufflinks or a money clip. Here are five great ideas for thoughtful groomsmen gifts.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are a great option for groomsmen. For example, consider purchasing engraved glasses for each person. Further the personalization by giving each groomsmen a glass for their preferred beverage. This could mean a pilsner glass, beer stein, a whiskey glass or a shot glass.

Since glasses are so simple and often inexpensive, the groom may want to consider giving ‘beer of the month’ club memberships in addition, to really pack a punch for the gift. This shows that thought was put into the gift, rather than giving a “one size fits all” gift.

For the Outdoorsman or Hunter

If any of the guys in the wedding party are big into the outdoors, consider getting them a gift that reflects this. This could include an engraved pocket knife or a multipurpose pocket tool. Other options could include a cooler chair or personalized duffle bag to carry all of their hunting or outdoor gear in.

For the Sports Lover

Nothing says ‘thoughtful’ like finding a baseball or football that is autographed by a specific player, whom the groomsman happens to be a big fan of. Depending on the player, this could get expensive but will really show that the groom has paid attention to the favorites of his groomsmen. Other options could include framed signed prints or watches with sports logo faceplates.

For the Groomsman on the Go

If a groomsman’s job includes lots of travel, consider giving him gifts that will make his travel time more comfortable. Personalized luggage or carry on duffle bags, toiletry bags or even a tie case can help make their packing more efficient. Other options could include monogrammed travel pillows, travel blankets or high quality headphones to drown out screaming children on a flight and various handheld games to help pass the time waiting in the airport.

For Mr. Fix-It

Whether he fixes cars or fixes things around the home, there are tons of gift ideas for a Mr. Fix-It type. Options could include tool boxes or tool chests, a tool belt, a crafty all-in-one tool or perhaps a new cordless drill. Consider asking the spouse for recommendations on tools he may need or would appreciate, helping to ensure the gift is truly appreciated.

When thought is put into the gift, it can make the gift more memorable to the groomsmen. Remember, not every groomsman has to receive the same gift. By choosing individual gifts rather than choosing a “one size fits all” gift, the groom shows that real thought was put into his gift giving.