5 Fabulous Ideas For Honeymoons

honeymoon couples

While you may be keen to spend early June in Hawaii or follow up your winter wedding with a trip to Aspen, these traditional honeymoon destinations will probably cost more than your entire wedding.

And since you’d probably like to wear something a little nicer than a flour sack when you walk down the aisle, it pays to do your homework and find a honeymoon locale that fits your limited budget.

So if you want to enter into wedded bliss without going into debt to get there, here are just a few fantastic options for a honeymoon that won’t break the bank.

Kauai, Hawaii.  If you’ve absolutely got your heart set on the Hawaiian Islands but you’re just not sure it’s in the budget, consider the oft overlooked Kauai.  The beaches are just as lovely as more popular tourist destinations and you’ll never miss the madding crowd. 

Everything from lodgings to food is a bit less expensive here, and if you’re willing to wait until the off-season (end of March, early April) you’ll enjoy wonderful weather (around 70-80?F) along with incredibly cheap airfare (as little as $300-400 per ticket from the west coast).

Los Olivos, California. 

Forget about prissy and expensive Napa; these days it’s all about drinking the vino in the tiny southern California community showcased in the movie Sideways.  The nearby Danish community of Solvang has plenty of cute hotels and eateries and you can tour dozens of wineries within a square mile.  And it’s just a hop, skip, and jump to the California coast, where temperatures are moderate year-round.

Costa Rica.

Unfortunately, most of the ports in Mexico are out these days thanks to the problems between law enforcement and the drug cartels.  But their neighbors to the south in Central America have a pretty good thing going with tons of natural attractions (seriously, national parks galore), temperatures in the mid-70s whether it’s June or December, and best of all, a dedication to promoting tourism. 

The airfare will cost you, but you’ll definitely save on lodging and associated costs.  However, there are plenty of travel companies offering all-inclusive vacations that may just save you both money and time.

The south of France. 

The French Riviera may sound like the height of romance, but when you see the astronomical prices associated with this resort mecca you’ll have no problem heading to the nearby inland region of Provence. 

Pastoral scenery is peaceful and inviting, the amount of wine will boggle your mind (literally, if you drink enough), and you can rent a quaint cottage or holiday at a B&B for a lot less than you’d spend elsewhere.

Anywhere close to home. 

You don’t necessarily need to book luxury resorts across Europe or secure time shares in the U.S. Virgin Islands in order to enjoy your honeymoon.  In fact, you can save a lot and still celebrate your first days as a married couple while staying within driving distance of your home. 

All you have to do is pull out your trusty map, draw a circle with your maximum range, and then choose a nearby destination to try out.  Look for a place that has a couple of attractions (in case you ever leave your hotel room) and a few nice restaurants (you will actually have to eat at some point). 

You’ll save on travel, and likely lodgings, especially if you find a great deal on Groupon beforehand.