Pointe of View by Anna Wu Photography

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Pointe of View by Anna Wu on Nouveau header

We would like to give our dear friend, Anna Wu a BIG shout out. Nouveau got to know Anna through her amazing wedding photography, but her photographers eye has recently ventured into a different realm of the arts and architecture. In order to bring us a new Pointe of View, Anna has traveled around the world photographing ballerinas in various cities. Having studied ballet during her childhood, Anna is able to build elegant relationships between the composition of each pose and the surrounding scene. Ultimately, in each images she captures the grace and structure of both dancer and location.

This personal project has taken Anna to many different places and has now come to a pointe where she’s ready to choreograph these limited edition images into a book entitled, Pointe of View. Be sure to check out her story and how you can become part of the journey here!

There’s nothing more daring than chasing your passion. Congrats Anna, we can’t wait to see  more!

Pointe of View by Anna Wu Photography on Nouveau
{CREDITS: Photos by Anna Wu Photography; Video by Seaglass Cinema}

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