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This holiday season, it’s raining fabulous with all the amazing designs and holiday giveaways up for grabs.

Blair Nadeau, the Toronto based designer, certainly has come a long way from the days of being told: “I didn’t send you to school to play with feathers.”  Those words  motivated her to follow her passion in the pursuit of learning, designing, creating and building a brand that embodies the spirit of a “Princess Di-meets-Gwen Stefani” House party.  Simply but:  Blair Nadeau Millinery takes fashion, art and fascinators to a rock n’ roll level: a “dream in color and culture” approach that we hold sacred at Nouveau.

“I adore playing with different materials that aren’t normally seen in a traditional bridal collection.” Blair says.  “I adore metals, upholstery fabrics and different textures and translating them into a softer bridal piece.  To me the juxtaposition between hard and soft is so beautiful.”

Blair’s colorful fall ‘12 collection, appropriately named “Kaleidescope”, was an experimentation of color blocking and bold twining.  It’s a far contrast from her upcoming spring collection inspired by Grecian Romance…cut to Oscar nominated actress, Anne Hathaway’s stunning bridal cap, as one of the many styles to influence the next collection.

“I think we are going to see a lot of throwbacks to the 1920s and very eco conscious influenced designs.” Blair says about upcoming trends, “I also think that color for the bride is going to come into play.”

We couldn’t agree more.

NOUVEAU: What trends are you seeing on at Bridal Market or on the runway this season?

Blair: “I think it’s time for a really bohemian romantic bride.  Anne Hathaway wore a lace cap veil for her wedding a few weeks back, floral crowns are showing up all over Australia.  With such an emphasis on the earth and historical preservation currently, I think we are going to see a lot of throwbacks to the 1920s and very eco conscious influenced designs.  I also think that colour for the bride is going to come into play.  Many of the top designers are showing bright bold and beautiful colours for bridal gowns.  I think it’s daring and fabulous!”

NOUVEAU: For our holiday issue, we’re talking about the spirit of being home, thanksgiving, gifts and of course wonderland love.  What’s your favorite moment about the holidays?

Blair:  ”My absolute favourite moment is waking up on Christmas morning with my small but wonderful family, all sitting around in our PJs, drinking eggnog and coffee and opening our stockings and gifts one by one.  We have an unwritten rule in my family that only one gift is opened at a time so we can all enjoy the gift receiving moments.  It’s a very long process, but I love being able to catch the joy on everyone’s faces and not miss anything!”


One of Blair’s most popular pieces is up for grabs as part of our Nouveau holiday gi-veau-way.  Entering to win is super easy, just click here.


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