Multicultural Beach Wedding in Mexico by Del Sol

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In a city of goal setting and political planning, Karen Kanis and her girlfriend decided to take the night off from their premeditated Saturday routine in Washington D.C. and went rogue! Karen’s unleashed “single lady” alter ego, crashed the Washington Life Magazine’s young networking party, which ultimately lead her straight into the arms of her beau, Charles “Chuck” Ghoorah, who was being recognized in the publication that evening!

Gliding past the doorman with single lady ease, Karen entered the frame of  what Chuck described as an “after-school-special” moment.  Music muted, surroundings blurred, and Chuck’s eyes locked on Karen.

NOUVEAU: Describe your favorite moment from your wedding process.

Karen: My favorite moment would have to be the “First Viewing” which occurred before the Indian Wedding.    Chuck and I decided we wanted to see each other before each ceremony.  That way we could take pictures without all the rush, our videographer could film the event, and we thought it would help to calm our nerves (which it did).   When I was finally ready to see my Groom, I remember being so nervous!    While I was waiting, my sister and girlfriends stood watching behind me in anticipation.   I remember turning to look at all three of them and there wasn’t a dry eye!   Then I saw Chuck walking towards me.  Actually, he was blindfolded so he couldn’t see me and his brother was helping to escort him to where I was.   Once he was standing next to me I removed the blindfold and let him see me, all dressed up as his bride.  The moment had finally arrived.   It was truly a magical moment I will never forget.

Skip forward a few episodes: Karen and Chuck took their “School house Rock” party to a private terrace at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco. Set on a 300 foot cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and with the sun dipping behind the horizon, Chuck channeled Shakespeare and knelt “down on one knee to recite a Hindu engagement poem, followed by a Christian engagement poem.”

NOUVEAU: How do you feel your style, heritage or cultural background was reflected in your overall wedding?

Karen: We wanted to honor and respect both cultures and in order to do so, we wanted to have two ceremonies.   Of course this was double the work and planning, but it was worth it in the end.   We look back at both wedding and think that each was perfect and unique in their own way.

No strangers to stylish heights and spontaneity, Karen and Chuck traveled their love to Mexico where they had the opportunity to fuse their cultural traditions while making new ones.  Blindfolded, Chuck was guided across a “gorgeous wooden covered walkway “ where Karen got her “after-school-special” moment to lock eyes on her hubby for the first viewing.  Karen succumbed to her heart flutters, removed his blindfold and experienced what became “truly a magical moment” never to be forgotten.

Their number one destination “challenge was pulling off an Indian Wedding.” Karen explained how they were fortunate that the hotel “brought in an Indian Chef (from one of only two Indian restaurants in the greater Cancun area) who cooked on-site, including a Tandoori oven for the delicious Indian breads.”

All in all, it was truly a colorful destination affair infused with gorgeous couture, global details and a love story worth retelling.

There’s more!  Check out Karen and Chuck’s Christian wedding ceremony on the beach in the gallery.

Karen and Chuck’s multicultural beach wedding was originally featured in the Fall 2012 issue of Nouveau Magazine.

Want More?  See the Full Gallery.

{CREDITS:  Photography - Del Sol PhotographyEvent Design - Yazmin Perez Solorzano; Flower, Hair, Cake, Catering - Grand VelasMake Up - Indian ceremony -Friend of Bride, Christian ceremony – Grand VelasInvitations - CheckerboardReception Venue - Zen Garden – Grand Velas; Ceremony Venue - Grand Class Beach – Grand Velas; Dress - LazaroShoes - Stuart Weitzman/ Hey LadySuit - Hugo BossBridesmaids Dress - Jim Hjelm}

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  1. Amanda

    December 25 at 5:16 pm

    Where did you that beautiful sari ?

  2. Karen

    December 29 at 5:47 pm

    Many thanks, Amanda. I bought the sari at Maharani Fashions in Edison (Iselin), NJ. My husband also bought his Sherwani at the same place.

  3. Jessica

    March 23 at 1:19 pm

    Love these photos! So colorful and so much emotion!

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