Top 6 Global Fashion Inspiration Ideas

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If there’s one thing more exciting that fashion editorials from around the world, like Ruven Afanador‘s “Couture Du Monde”, then it’s pairing exciting and uniquely colorful, dream palettes with each couture creation.  Still one of our favorite editorials, Ruven’s couture spread was originally featured in Vogue Paris (’99) and inspires today’s series of dream palettes.

Our top six global fashion inspiration ideas cover a wide range of hues, cultures and moods.  Regardless of where you’re from, we are all connected by the rich expanse of human emotion and we think you’ll agree that these six looks encompass the different characteristics that make fashion and femininity, global!

GLOBAL LOOK #1: The Playful Nymph

With the mantra of “girls just wanna have fun” in her head and “taste the rainbow” in her spirit, a playful nymph, regardless of culture, always finds creative ways to express herself and evoke a sense of infectious whimsy in everything she does…starting in India and traveling on.

GLOBAL LOOK #2: The Confident Minimalist

A confident minimalist takes pride in nature and simple pleasures with an absolute appreciate for timeless style.  No matter what country or culture she’s in, her strength shines through just by being present.  Where’s she going, you ask?  Siberia…just because she feels like it.

GLOBAL LOOK #3: The Modest Heiress

A modest heiress is educated, spiritual and confident.  Her mind is as wealthy as her sense of style, constantly surprising everyone she encounters with how she navigates both.  Her next destination?  A bedouin oasis, definitely!

GLOBAL LOOK #4: The Classy Adventurer

A classy adventurer is equal parts boho chic with a splash of “prim ‘n proper.”  Her imagination is as vivacious as her color coordination and her next stop?  Sherwood forest, or any enchanted space, of course…

GLOBAL LOOK #5: The Cultural Diva

A cultural diva holds heritage and fashion on equal pedestals and is not afraid to showcase both.  Whether it’s a tartan, ankara, poncho or dirndl, she’s make any pattern look like it’s off the runway.  Her next stop?  South Asia to explore Bhawai culture.

GLOBAL LOOK #6: The Royal Traveler

A royal traveler is a lover of the finer things, has exquisite taste and is not afraid to take a walk on the wild side in everything from cuisine to fashion.  Final stop? Thailand, Burma, Cambodia or wherever her heart desires…

{CREDITS: Fashion editorial by Ruven Afanador for Vogue via Paranaiv; Pink saree inspiration board; Red Japanese inspiration board; Blue & Gold hijab inspiration board; Autumn inspiration board; Bhawai inspiration board; Asian gold inspiration board; All dream palette inspiration boards via Nouveau}

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