Fall Fashion Recipes and Drink Ideas

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Just as Fall chic warms our fashion looks with toasty tints and high necklines, the season styles and flavors traditional beverage recipes to match its Autumn ambiance.

LATIN AMERICA:  The Caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail. This refreshing drink is traditionally made with Cachaca, sugar cane rum, and a countryside heart. Rekindle the styling and taste of this cool drink with pumpkin spices, nutmeg and vanilla flavoring.

{Pumpkin Caipirinha Recipe}

EASTERN EUROPE: Eggnog is known for it’s European roots and thicker, milky consistency. Depending on your color theme and taste bud preference, blend in fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or blackberries.

{Berry Eggnog Recipe}

NORTH AFRICA: A great way to warm the Egyptian  traditional recipe of Sharbat, rose water, is making it into a rose petal tea. Not only is it a beautiful decor detail, but a great way to fuse tea customs with rose water traditions. The Egyptian culture is known for it’s sweet water aromas, so any perfume selection of teas is a whimsical embodiment of this culture.

{Rose Petal Tea Blends}

EAST ASIA: Another interesting detail Fall brings with it is the Hiya-Oroshi.  This young sake comes with the cooling of the Fall weather, for the decrease of temperature allows brewers to skip the usual second pasteurization.

WESTERN EUROPE: Spanish Sangria is a wine punch with chopped fruit and often a guest appearance of brandy. Playing with white wine verses red wine allows you to fashion your glasses and recipe with a festive theme. A splash of cinnamon will tie in the holiday spirit that the Fall introduces.

{Honeycrisp Apple Sangria}

 {CREDITS: Splice of Spice dress by Bottega Veneta Fall 2011; Berry Sweet dress and Petal-licious Toast dress by Valentino Fall 2011; Be-Falling Tastes dress by Giles Fall 2011; Sang-ing band dress by Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2011}

Enjoy! :)


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