Desert Fashion Inspiration

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The Desert: A vast expanse of mixed gemstones, lost civilizations, techtonic secrets…and the palette for many designers today.

There’s been a huge surge in desert-inspired editorials lately, not exclusive to urban fashion, but on the bridal circuit as well.  I’m personally fascinated by how different arid landscapes can translate into textiles, color palettes and mood for the right muse.

Whether your demeanor lends itself to nostalgic strength like the desert Sphinx, or colorful emotion like a Mojave sunset, there’s lots of sand for everyone to pull inspiration from. So let’s begin with a wandering soul, a Nomad in Namibia if you will….

Southern California inspires effortless style and laid back details for the ultimate care-free spirit.  So kick back in your bare feet, tossed hair and sun-kissed make up.  While you’re “chillaxing” to a cool spritzer, be sure to enjoy the indigenous carvings and succulents.

Take a walk on the wild side with East Africa’s majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro as your muse.  By channeling the spirit of Masai style with draped couture and spicy accessories, even you can unleash the animal within.

Desert-inspired style can also be electrifying and vibrant.  By translating the cavernous terrain of rocks and boulders, one’s attire can embody an equally edgy vibe.

You can blaze trails and strut to the rhythm of your own soundtrack in chiffon and leather.  Just be sure to complete that bombshell look by following the three B’s: Blowout, Bronzer & Bad Ass!

{CREDITS: Bridesmaids w/ Boots photo via Utterly Engaged (photo by Erin Hearts Court); Namibian Nymph: Bride photo via here, Cheetah Photo by Tim Walker via here; Mojave Maiden: Model via here, Joshua Tree Photo by Blurrylens; Serengeti Siren: Runway Dress by Kinder Aggugini Spring 2011 (photo by Yannis Vlamos, Tanzanian Desert photo via National Geographic; Rockin’ Rolla: Runway dress by Altuzarra Spring 2011 (photo by Yannis Vlamos); White Desert via Something Different; Blazing Bombshell: Runway dress by Emilio Pucci Spring 2011 (photo by Monica Feudi); Sedona Desert photo via here}

How would you interpret  desert fashion inspiration into your wardrobe?  Could be as simple as a patch of dirt, or acres of sandstone?

Have a wonderful day, Everyone.

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