Traditional Bulgarian Wedding

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Photo: Vassil Nikolov

I love when photographs talk, where they not only entertain your aesthetically fashionable vision but inspire your passionately knowledgeable mind.  Vassil Nikolov Photography is the storyteller of this truly romantic Bulgarian tale.  Their images simultaneously reveal the beauty of love through the wedding’s physical style and the cultural traditions practiced.  The rustic country setting pairs with ornamented attire to exemplify the naturalness and honesty of this Bulgarian passion.

Setting: Bulgaria

Photography: Vassil Nikolov Photography

Wear your heart on your sleeve…and your heritage too:The greenery, fresh sunlight, and wooden architecture sells the wedding for nothing short of wholesome and lovely.  What really makes it bling though is the traditional attire, rituals, and folkloric fairytale theme.  Embroidery and color play important informative roles that symbolize the region of Bulgaria that one’s heritage resonates from.  Other rituals, such as the firearm and the customary shaving, commence the wedding day with a bang.  The rifle is shot to ward off any evil invading spirits while the groom’s shaving ritual is a symbol of “taming his hair” and becoming acquainted with his new manly maturities.  It’s important to note that head and hair chic can be very telling and have a deeper rooted purpose than their physical beauty.  Often they inform their audience of a woman’s status, encourage modesty, or tell a story. To add a mythological flair, the floral tree crown that is worn by an esteemed member of the bridal party is draped with red and gold adornments that symbolize the sun and fertility. This beautiful rose headpiece is inspired by the tale of a girl that sits high in a tree and who comes down once she is marriage ready.

Golden Promise: The sipping of wine and exchanging of crowns is part of the uniting marriage ceremony where the bride and groom pledge their commitment.  Once this is concluded, the mother of the groom lays a white tapestry drizzled with a pathway of flower pedals to guide the newlyweds with blessings of health, happiness and purity in their new life together.

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Hip Hip “Horo” ay: Besides looking astonishing in her sparkling headdress, the bride’s gold coin design has a functioning role in a Bulgarian wedding ritual.  The groom is to untangle the gold coins from the bride’s hair in representation of his desire to commit to her.  Gold coins make many other symbolic gestures such as, being draped around one’s neck to illustrate wealth and prosperity.

In the midst of being groomed in lavish attire, everyone still makes time to get their groove on with the traditional “horo” dance.  This is when a group of people gather holding hands in a circle and unitedly dance to bagpipe inspired music.  The “horo” comes in many different styles and is often region specific.

A big CHEERS to the bride and groom and THANK YOU to Vassil Nikolov Photography.  Like a good storyteller, Vassil Nikolov Photography left us wanting more and they graciously supplied us with an image encore that can be viewed in our image gallery.

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  1. Galina

    January 24 at 6:54 am

    Fri, I’m so glad that you showed this truly amazing wedding! I hope that more people will feel the beauty of bulgarian traditions and folklore. Thank you!

  2. Brittany D.

    January 24 at 8:49 am

    Good Morning Galina, you are so right. I am completely mesmerized by the natural beauty of this wedding, especially the floral headpieces!

  3. Galina

    January 24 at 9:13 am

    Good afternoon, Brittany(here in bulgaria is late afternoon and I completely forgot about time difference). I appologize, that I thanked only to Fri. But I was so exited and saw your name after my comment.
    You wrote great article, full of talent and inspiration!

  4. Brittany D.

    January 24 at 9:30 am

    Hi Galina, No worries at all!!! Fri and I worked on it together and thank you so very much for your kind words. I totally forgot about the time zone different and realizing that now makes me even happier that you enjoyed this post. It’s so awesome that everyone can be so far away yet so connected! :)

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