Plate Seating Inspiration

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Finding ways to assign seats to your guests offers brides an exciting opportunity to exercise some D-I-Y skills.  Take some of these examples that incorporate accessible elements such as paper, buttons, shells, recycled keys or game pieces.


{CREDITS: Music Sheet roses by Vintage Twee; Key setting & Scrabble piece photo by Kyle Hale via here; Butterfly Setting by by Timeless Paper; Buttons via Wedding Style Guide (Issue #12) ; Shells and Shell place setting via Trail of Inspiration}

With the right medium (be it paper or stone) and the right writing utensil (be it quill pen or gel pen), any one of the DIY ideas can be yours to pull off.


Some ideas involve a little bit more support in amassing the required materials in order to make everyone feel welcome.  From reused brass frames, to heirloom picture ornaments and hanging window panes.

{CREDITS: Ornate metal place seatings – Unknown; Pink and white place seating cards by Gwyneth Paige; Hanging Picture frames via Primadonna Bride;Window frame seating display via here}

Find your place in the world. Make sure it’s labeled, bedazzled and colorful.

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1 Comment

  1. Abigail

    October 4 at 7:58 am

    How do you make the music sheet roses? Could we get a how to page on that? They are the cutesy things ever!!!!

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