Paper Cake Toppers

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Out of curiosity, the other day  I googled “Interracial Cake Topper” and was beyond disappointed.  The lack of variety in ideas that reflect today’s modern couple was quite surprising.  Either that, or the wrong companies are paying hefty sums to ensure that their dated designs are at the top of the Google search engine.  Everything was porcelain, boring and fixed in the 80s like a fried-dyed-and-blow dried head shot.  So it got me thinking that I need to do more research to find some unique topper ideas that celebrate fusion style.  Here’s a start. charming paper-made designs that will make you swoon:

I stumbled on to these intricate handcrafted cake toppers by Concarta. By using acid free material, and inspirations from the couple, you can be sure you’ll have a topper that’s not only unique, but a great wedding keepsake (that you don’t have to freeze for a year).

(Above: Paper cake toppers by Concarta)

For some more ideas on ultra creative paper designs for your wedding, check out some inspirational paper couture and these chic global toppers.

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  1. Annie

    June 10 at 7:26 pm

    These cake toppers are so adorable!

  2. wedding cakes toppers

    June 10 at 10:18 pm

    yes, this is really great going green idea for wedding cakes toppers :) i also covered it.

  3. A Wedding in the SUn

    June 11 at 10:36 am

    These are really pretty indeed. There’s also a company, WeddingStar ( that sells ethnic toppers that are mix and match in Asian, Caucasian, African-American and Hispanic.

  4. Always Andri

    June 19 at 3:06 am

    What a fab find such lovely toppers a real change from some of the usual toppers you see.

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