Multicultural Sikh Wedding by Dave & Charlotte Photography

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Tuesday features a wedding of fairytale proportions.  It’s the love story of fresh and inspiring photography by Dave & Charlotte Lifetstyle Photographers, paired with two…correction, three love able characters in a traditional Sikh union that leaves me breathless every time I look at the album.  It’s the story of boy meets girl meets little girl.

Setting: Ontario, Canada.

Heroine & Hero: Rachel and Sonny….and Little Rylee.


I often focus on the design style and challenges faced by each couple in planning their weddings.  However, Rachel and Sonny’s story has to include the tale of how he popped the big question…

(Above: Red Bridal Gown from Bombay Trendz; Bride’s make up by Rajvir Samra )

…How he proposed.

As a single mother of a lovely girl named Rylee, Rachel met her future husband on her shift as a nurse.  Sonny, a young physician not only exercised wisdom by going with his gut and asking her out, he also showed that he knew how to really  listen.  At their second date, Rachel shared a photograph of a tree that offered comfort and solace for her.  She expressed her strong desire to go to wherever that tree was one day.  Well, he listened.  Fast forward two years…Sonny not only tracked down the photographer, and located the tree, he planned a surprise trip to the spot in New York’s Central Park.  Under those symbolic branches….Sonny dropped down on one knee, Rachel screamed “yes!”  And the rest is history.


The groom’s family performed several preparatory customs including saying prayers (“Ardas”) and helping the groom get dressed.

(Above: Groom’s Salwar Kameez Suit by Fine Fabrics in Mississauga, Canada)


How about both?  She arrived on wheels.  He arrived on Horseback.

(Above: Limousine by Mermaid Limo Service; Flower girl’s dress via Fine Fabrics in Mississauga, Canada)

Part of Sikh wedding custom involves the groom’s family journeying to the home of the bride before the ceremony.  I just love that Rylee, the bride’s daughter was included in this event.  My favorite shot has to be that of Sonny and Rylee walking towards their gallant steed.

Scene 4: ANAND KARAJ (“Blissful Union”)

The place of worship for followers of Sikhism is called a Gurdwara. Rachel and Sonny’s ceremony adopted a traditional format, including removal of shoes, covering of hair and separation of seating for men and women, out of respect for the house of worship.

(Above: Ceremony at Oakville Sikh Temple)

For more information on Sikh wedding customs, visit here.


From sultry red to a luscious glow of pink and purple, all 250 guests were invited into a magical world of color and style.

Without the aid of a wedding coordinator, Rachel was still able to envision her dream wedding design filled with robust summer colors with the support of family, friends and the team at Wedding Decor to pull it all off.

(Above: Groom’s Suit from Charles le Golf; Purple bridal Gown from Bombay Trendz)

We’ve featured other real weddings in which the couple found creative ways to include their children in the ceremony.  In addition to letting Rylee ride on the horse, Rachel and Sonny included her in their first dance to “Lullaby” by the Dixie Chicks.  In the spirit of one of the lyrics “Is forever enough? Cuz I’m never giving you up” Sonny’s response to his new family absolutely melted my heart.

“Rylee’s fully my daughter.  I can’t fathom her not being in my life.” Sonny said.  “Is Forever enough?  I’m dying with Rachel and that’s it.  It may not always be pretty but we’re going to make it work.”

(Above: Reception at Pavillion Royale; Design by WeddingDecor; Cake by Bride’s Mother; Cake topper by Lily Tsai of Lily’s Design)

I’m so glad I’ve been introduced to Lily Tsai.  If you’ve googled cake toppers lately, you’ll sadly notice that there’s a huge lack of fun and unique ideas.  Lily’s personalized toppers give the mass produced figurines a speedy run for their money.

(Above: All images by Dave and Charlotte Lifestyle Photographers)

“Keep an open mind.  Love can happen anywhere, no matter what culture or religion you are…..”

-Rachel, the Bride. -

Here’s to a beautiful couple who remind us that love cannot be manufactured.  Congrats to R & S on their inspirational wedding.  Thank you so much to Dave and Charlotte for entrusting their album of work to me for this feature.


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  1. Jacqui

    February 9 at 7:47 pm

    What a beautiful and moving wedding! I can’t get enough of these pictures. I’m speechless.

  2. Fri

    February 10 at 11:32 am

    You’re so right, Jacqui. I still can’t get enough of these.

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  4. Pip Pip and All That

    February 22 at 1:32 pm

    What a gorgeous, colorful, joyful wedding. Each image was so arresting! The bride and grooms clothing is absolutely stunning. I keep staring and staring at them!

  5. MK

    August 23 at 11:53 am

    That brought a tear to my eye, gorgeous photography and what a beautiful couple! Her reception dress is AMAZING. Love the colors.

  6. Amanda

    August 23 at 2:16 pm

    I loved how they incorporated the daughter! I’ve never seen a wedding cake topper with the whole family – such a wonderful touch.

  7. Janis Flagg

    September 28 at 10:31 pm

    What a peaceful feeling to this wedding! Obviously beautifully planned and photographed.

  8. Zoe @ Bridesmaids Direct

    October 21 at 1:34 pm

    The fabulous bold colors help to make some great photos.

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  10. Sajid A

    November 18 at 6:03 am

    wow just beautiful it gives me hope and inspiration for my big day, im working with all my might for, these images picture what i dreamed of with that special someone…sooo moving, bless them

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  12. The Sari-Clad Bride

    July 9 at 2:34 pm

    What an absolutely stunning wedding! Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. Lovemeet Singh

    December 19 at 11:18 pm

    Sikh weddings are always massive, awesome on top of the world !
    Best weddings in the world “SINGH IS KINGG”

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