{Design Nouveau} Burberry Burgers and Gucci Fries

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Wedding Nouveau is quickly becoming the ultimate resource for celebrating multi-ethnic and fusion weddings, a trend that I’m very proud of.  However, fusion isn’t just about heritage and ethnicity.  Sometimes, the beauty of fusion buds from subtle and random mixes and matches.  The odd couple, if you will.

What happens when you invite Chanel to a burger joint?

(Above: Chanel Runway via The Age, Burger photo by Allegro Photography)

…The marriage of elite fashion with everyday Americana.

(Above: Amy Moss Design via The Cool Hunter)

Who knew fashion and fast food had a chance at love?  This is certainly not a bad way to add a little “Je ne sais quoi” to your reception Hors doeuvres.  Whether you’re Salvatore stylin’ or  Prada Profilin’, these labels done by Cool Hunter, would be quite simple to do yourself at home.  All you need are some fabulous labels, a good printer, and a stylish imagination.

“Do you, elite fashion, take this everyday Americana to be your lawfully wedded husband?…mmm!

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