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Yesterday we ventured into Gothic Siberia, today we’ll thaw it up a bit with South America’s version of Halloween – Dia De Los Muertos, also known as Day of the Dead or All Soul’s Day.

This 3000-year old practice, which initially mocked the dead, is now a celebration of the spirits of those who have passed on.  Day of the Dead originated in Mexico and still excites the palette today.  By donning a wooden skull, and eating sugar skulls (named after those who are deceased), family and friends are able to pay homage to ancestors.  Similar holidays are also practiced in Brazil, Spain and the Philippines, to name a few.

I love how this fascinating holiday is in fact a celebration, not just of the dead, but of color, food, music and art.  Today’s Halloween Chic is brought to you by a new found discovery: Lulu of My Pink Turtle, who’s taking the use of Mexican icons, mural art and color fusion to a whole other level.

Inspiration: Whimsical Mexican Folk Art

MyPinkTurtleStudio_Flickr_Via Wedding Nouveau

(Above: Art by Lulu via here.  For more of her creatively, colorful pieces, go to My Pink Turtle)


Mexican - Day of the Dead - Wedding Inspiration Board _ Wedding Nouveau

Day of the Dead _ Color Palette _ Wedding Nouveau

Colors: Sanguine Red, Tamale Orange, Green and Ocean Blue

(All Images ©.  Centerpiece/Waxed Bottle designed by Flush Designs [photo by Erin Hearts Court via Once Wed]; bridal gown by Jorge Terra; Bouquet by Muse Event Design [Photo by Kim Hawthorn]; Skeleton centerpiece and Banquet Table by Jose Villa; Skull Cake topper by Wayne Toshikazu; leaf-wrapped silverware photo by Sandra Lane; skull ornament by Du Buh Du Designs; Ice Cream photo by Lisa Cohen; Green & Pink Skull figurines via Mexico & Language; Sugar skull/ Flower by Dedodododedadada; Jewel Hair piece photo by Orpheus and Aphrodite; Jewel skull by Royal Roc; Papel Picado Invitation by Camille Style; Chili Pepper photo by Alexandra Grablewski; Green Bridesmaids by Alvina Valenta via here).

Challenge: How do you create a Day-of-The-Dead-Inspired wedding that evokes the spirit of the dead that’s less morbid and more celebratory?

How you can do it: 1) Find a Day-of-The-Dead mural that speaks to you…the colors will reveal themselves. 2) Incorporate traditional accents such as papel picado designs, sugar skulls and mexican-inspired accessories. 3) Since it’s a celebration not a mourning, incorporate features that raise spirits such as ice-cream, bright flowers, live music, colorful petals, etc.  4) Don’t be afraid to add a little spice to your wedding dress – whether it’s a colorful or jeweled hairpiece, or non-white prints peppered on your dress, turn up the volume:-) 5) Keep the skulls as accents on the tables, favors, embedded in stone walls, ornaments etc.   6) Pick one thing that makes you smile, and make that a focal point. This could be that killer pair of shoes or jewelry, or food.



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  1. Sara

    October 27 at 9:04 am

    OMG…it’s like eye candy for the fiesta soul…How gorgeous. You almost forget it’s got a relatively dark motif…which is genius.

  2. Christine

    October 27 at 9:14 am

    How serendipitous~I’m working on a bride today for my Dia de los Muertos post this weekend! Thank you for including my ornament~you have shown and explained beautifully the wonderful parts of this holiday :)

  3. Sonu

    October 30 at 2:02 pm

    Awesome and original idea! I just wrote up about the colors of the day of the dead on my blog and am running a givewaway of some gorgeous sugar skulls. Please visit and enter! http://www.livingincolorwithsonu.typepad.com

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  5. stacy di

    November 5 at 6:18 am

    it’s beautiful! absolutely love it…and the inspiration :)

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